Things to Consider Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab for Your GTA Kitchen

Buying Natural Stone Slab for Your GTA Kitchen?

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, used daily by all family members as a place to share a meal, snack, or just enjoy each other's company; therefore, it is important to ensure you are making the right choices when it comes to renovating and redesigning the kitchen in your Toronto home, so you can have a kitchen rich with memories.

Choosing your Stone Countertops

The beauty of natural stone countertops lies in its aesthetic. Before choosing your colour and pattern, it is important to determine what style of kitchen you are going for. Perhaps you want a more classic look with darker colours to match rich wooden cabinets, or maybe you want a light modern shade that will go well with stainless steel. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose. We recommend creating a pinboard on Pinterest or use Houzz to keep track of your favourite looks and styles. This is not only great as a reference point for you, it also helps you realize your personal tastes. Natural stones come in a variety of different finishes, like flamed, honed, sand-blasted, bush-hammered, and more. Finding your preference and matching it to your kitchen can make all the difference between having a kitchen you like and having a kitchen you love. Beyond that, you need to set yourself a budget; not all granite costs the same. Granite varies in price depending on colour, patterns, size, thickness, origin, etc.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure you know the thickness you require before choosing your slabs. Often, slabs like granite are sold in two sizes, ¾” and 1 ¼”. Some companies try to sell 1 ½” slabs which are usually two ¾” pieces glued together, a practice that can later lead to some serious maintenance issues. As time moves on, the glue is prone to separation and deterioration, leaving a gap between the slabs that can’t be covered up. It is best to buy granite with a higher density; that means fewer pores and ultimately the increased longevity of your stone countertop. High-density stones will have two things: consistent coloring and less veining. Sadly, this means those exotic slabs and tiles coveted for their veining are actually low in density and therefore trickier to maintain. Another useful tip is that darker coloured granites are easier to care for than their lighter counterparts.

Seamless Installation

When you have chosen the type of stone you want installed, make sure you hire an experienced fabricator who knows the ins and outs of proper stone installation and cutting. Stone countertops are an investment, and the last thing you want to do is skimp out on the installation. It takes experience and artistry to install the stones as seamlessly as possible.  Not only do seamless counters look beautiful, but the tighter seal also means water won't get inside. Try to match the edges of your countertop to the edges of your cabinets for a more polished look. If your cabinets are modern, try to get flat or bevelled edge styles; but if they’re classic, opt for ogee or bull-nose edges for a harmonious kitchen.
Now that you’ve got your bases covered, picking and buying your natural stone slab should come effortlessly when following through with your GTA home renovation plans!